Mermaid diving is a unique experience that allows you to explore the underwater world in a whole new way. Anyone can be a mer-person, regardless of gender or age. All you need is some imagination! Mermaiding is a creative expression of freedom in the water that anyone can enjoy. Is similar to freediving but focuses on creativity, movement and fun with no competitiveness about depth or duration. Moreover, you don’t need any prior diving experience to try mermaiding! With our PADI Mermaid Instructor, you will learn how to use mermaid diving equipment, water safety, the fundamentals of breath-hold diving, mermaid swimming skills and some underwater fun tricks and games! 

Mermaiding is exploding in popularity worldwide! People of all ages are falling in love with the wellness benefits, artistic qualities, and magic of mermaiding. Find the PADI Mermaid course that is right for you and sign up today!


PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is a well-known and internationally registered organization that sets the highest standards for mermaid training and certification.

Our courses are designed to provide a safe and comprehensive learning experience, ensuring that you receive the highest quality mermaid training available. As a PADI Certified Mermaid, you will gain recognition and credibility in the mermaid community, allowing you to explore mermaid opportunities around the world. Join us on this extraordinary mermaid journey, endorsed by PADI, and unlock the wonders of the underwater world as a certified mermaid.


For those who want to learn how to swim in a mermaid tail, this course is for you!  The Mermaid experience, introduces simple mermaid activities in a place with pool-like conditions, shallow enough in which to stand. It is designed as a flexible, informative, enjoyable, and controlled experience centered on letting you discover what it’s like to mermaid dive. To enroll in a Mermaid experience, you must be at least six years old. You need to be in good physical health and comfortable in the water.

The course includes first the theory and then the practical part.

To dive like a mermaid, you need the right equipment. This includes a monofin and mermaid tail specifically designed for diving, as well as snorkelling gear and maybe weights.

We provide you all the equipment.



For children from 6 – 10 y.o.

This is a one day introductory course featuring a knowledge development session and a confined water session. The course involves e-learning.

Duration: 1 confined water session

Prerequisites: Ability to swim at least 25m without any help and float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 minutes.

Ideal for confident kids who want to learn to swim safely with a mermaid tail. Successful students will earn their PADI Basic Mermaid Certification.

Price: 120€ 


For participants from 10 y.o.

Add to the Basic Mermaid Course an additional session with more dynamic skills. The course involves e-learning.

Duration: 2 confined water sessions

Prerequisites: Participants must be able to confidently swim at least 50m and float comfortably on the surface for 5 minutes.

Ideal for adults (or young adults) interested in adding a professional certification to their mermaid endeavors. Successful students will earn their PADI Mermaid Certification.

Price: 140€


For adults or young adults up to 12 y.o.

Refine all the skills you master on the PADI Mermaid Course and elevate your experience to the open water environment. The course involves e-learning.

Duration: 2 open water sessions

Prerequisites: Participants must be able to confidently swim at least 100m and float comfortably on the surface for at least 10 minutes. Participants must have completed the PADI Mermaid course.

The course consists of knowledge development sessions and 2 open water sessions. Successful students will earn their PADI Advanced Mermaid Certification.

Price: 150€


Successfully completing this course means you will receive a customized PADI Mermaid certification card e-mailed to you. This card shows that you are a trained mermaid, comfortable and confident swimming in and exiting a tail, that you have extensive knowledge in the field of mermaiding and have mastered the beginner to intermediate techniques.  This certification card may be valuable when applying to swim at pools that have restrictions regarding tails. It does not qualify you to teach mermaid classes.